Lady Gaga Dog Abduction Has Hollywood Dog Walkers Eyeing Guns, Jiu-Jitsu

Exclusive The abduction of Lady Gaga‘s dogs and the shooting of her dog walker has put Hollywood dog walkers on high alert … they’re looking to protect themselves and the pets they care for with some significant firepower. We contacted a bunch of dog walking companies in the Hollywood area — where the shooting/abduction went […]

Jeff Ross Backs Michael Che’s ‘SNL’ Joke About Israel, Weighs in on Potato Head

Play video content Exclusive Don’t count Jeff Ross among the people — Jewish or otherwise — outraged over Michael Che‘s joke about Israel on last week’s ‘SNL’ … he thinks Che should keep it up. We got the “Roastmaster General” out in Bev Hills and asked for his take on the joke … which […]

John Geddert Criminal Case Is Also Dead, Can’t Be Convicted After Death

Breaking News The criminal case against ex-Team USA Gymnastics coach John Geddert is as good as dead — because officials know there’s no point in prosecuting a deceased person. Geddert had just been hit with 24 criminal charges — including 20 counts of human trafficking and 2 counts of sexual assault — when he took […]