Lizzo or Rebel Wilson Who is a Braver? Working Out For Weight Loss and Health

#RebelWilson #LizzoBeatings #Workout Lizzo or Rebel Wilson Who is a Braver Better Role Model Both women are in the public eye. Both women workout. Rebel Wilson is a well known actress who has taken 2020 to be a year of transforming her health via workout and mindful eating. Lizzo Beatings is a well known actress […]

Did the CDC Just Fat Shame America? BMI Over 40 Now 30

#CDC #Obesity #LifeStyleChanges Damn Coaching: F*ck Being Fat on Amazon here: E.D.D.F. Volume Training: E.D.D.F. Lean Mass: Contact me at Visit me on Twitter at: @everydamndayfit Visit me on Instagram at: @alanrobertseddf intro music courtesy of the band Moccasin Creek. Check them out at MICHAELANTONIO⭐️Singer/Songwriter/Voice Talent/Actor/Media Personality⭐️ […]

CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman Apologizes for ‘Floyd-19’ Tweet

CrossFit CEO and founder Greg Glassman apologized for mocking a political statement framing “racism” as an epidemiological issue. He issued the apology via CrossFit’s Twitter profile. The following statement was attributed to Glassman: “I, CrossFit HQ, and the CrossFit community will not stand for racism. I made a mistake by the words I chose yesterday. […]