U.S. Navy Announces ‘Reset’ of Physical Fitness Test Failures; DOD Offers to Cover Abortion Travel Expenses

The U.S. Navy announced Thursday it is granting sailors a “one-time reset” of past physical fitness assessment (PFA) failures in hopes of improving retention, while the Department of Defense (DOD) revealed taxpayer dollars will be used to pay for servicemembers’ abortion travel fees.  A message to Navy units announced “a one-time reset of all [PFA] failures.” […]

TIME Magazine: Exercise in U.S. Originated as ‘White Supremacy’ Project, Wrong to Presume Fat People ‘Not Fit’

Early 20th century pushes for exercise in the U.S. stemmed from “white supremacy” in order to produce “more white babies,” according to a TIME Magazine piece that also blamed the coronavirus pandemic for having “accelerated fitness inequality,” and alleged it is wrong to presume that fat people are “not fit” or that they “want to […]

Report: House Staffers to Get Free Peloton Memberships with Taxpayer Dollars

The House of Representatives is planning to give all its staffers free Peloton memberships using taxpayer dollars at the same time Americans are facing rising gas and food prices due to inflation, according to reports. Beginning May 18, staffers can access the thousands of on-demand exercise classes for free, according to Politico, who first reported […]