Twenty ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Memes And Moments Straight From The Gutter

Can we offer you some amusing memes and moments from It’s Always Sunny in this trying time? Even if you’re not going through a trying time, we hope you enjoy these memes from our favorite TV show starring everyone’s favorite person in the entire world. (Danny DeVito, duh.)  Now please enjoy. MICHAELANTONIO⭐️Singer/Songwriter/Voice Talent/Actor/Media Personality⭐️ […]

Literal Translations That Show How Effed Up Languages Are

Learning a language is hard enough as is without factoring in all of the colloquialisms that aren’t natural for a non-native speaker. The following posts make fun of translations from English into other languages, but let’s not forget how ridiculous English is; you gotta admit that “frog’s umbrella” makes a lot more sense than “mushroom”… […]

17 People Revealed The Most F***ed Up Things They Think About On A Regular Basis

Redditors are sharing their effed-up thoughts that’ll make you want to cleanse your brain. Posted by Meeeeesh Share Tweet Stumble Pin It Email MICHAELANTONIO⭐️Singer/Songwriter/Voice Talent/Actor/Media Personality⭐️ Born in Syracuse, NY. He holds a bachelor of science degree in communication from Florida Institute of Technology with specialization in technical writing, business, public relations, marketing, media, […]