Residents in care homes ‘missing out on dental care’

Image copyright Getty Images The teeth of people living in care homes in England are being left to rot, dentists say. The warning comes after the Care Quality Commission found that residents did not always have access to dentists and were not getting the support they needed to look after their teeth. Its inspectors visited 100 homes caring for elderly and disabled people. It comes as the British Dental Association highlighted a number of distressing cases of decay and neglect. How the vulnerable are being failed These included a blind,…

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Family Sues Ontario School Over Gender Indoctrination

An Ontario family has filed a formal complaint with the provincial Human Rights Tribunal after a public-school teacher tried to convince their 6-year-old daughter that “there is no such thing as girls and boys.” A first-grade teacher in the Devonshire Community Public School, part of Ottawa-Carleton District School Board network, had created a “poisoned environment,” contend the child’s parents, Jason and Pamela Buffone, by indoctrinating primary school kids regarding gender fluidity. As visual aides, the teacher — identified only as J.B. — showed the class videos from the YouTube channel…

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