Wild Bear Castrated After Sniffing Woman’s Hair at Park in Mexico

Play video content @BBCabinda / Twitter The wild black bear caught on camera taking a big ol’ up-close whiff of a woman in a nature park has paid a dear price — he’s been captured and castrated. The juvenile animal underwent the painful procedure after authorities deemed him a threat to visitors at the Chipinque […]

George Floyd Police Body Cam Footage Shows His Fear During Arrest

Play video content George Floyd was terrified and afraid when cops first approached him in his car … pleading for his life with a gun trained on his head. The footage — just released by a judge — from Floyd’s fatal interaction with Minnesota cops shows him begging Thomas Lane at gunpoint, “Mr. Officer, please […]

Donald Trump Against Canceling College Football, Players Working Too Hard!

Breaking News Donald Trump is campaigning hard for college football — urging programs NOT to cancel the 2020 season. And, he’s on board the #WeWantToPlay movement, which is being led by his old fast-food buddy, Trevor Lawrence. “The student-athletes have been working too hard for their season to be cancelled,” POTUS tweeted Monday … adding […]