Powell Downplays Delta Variant Risk to Economy: ‘We Learned To Live with It’

The Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell appeared to indicate that the central bank is less concerned about another wave of covid infections than it had been about earlier waves. Powell pointed out that the second wave of infections that hit last summer had less of an economic impact than expected, in part because the states […]

Analysis Finds Counties with Above-Average Vaccination Rates Reporting Higher Coronavirus Case Rates

Some California counties with above-average vaccination rates are also reporting higher cases of the Chinese coronavirus, according to the Bay Area News Group’s analysis of state data. According to Mercury News, the analysis found virus cases “soaring” in counties with high vaccination rates, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco. All of those areas […]

Climate Change Congressman Cranks Up The Cringe With Fergie-inspired Speech

Illinois Congressional Rep. Sean Casten (D.), who calls himself a “climate nerd” in his Twitter bio, stepped onto the floor and dropped a Black Eyed Peas remix dedicated to climate activist Fergie. Rep. Casten used his time on the floor to ramble on about air conditioning, climate change, zero carbon, etc. 🚨🔥I just dropped a […]