D-Wave claims it has the world’s most powerful quantum computer

By Leah Crane D-Wave’s 5000-qubit Advantage quantum chipD-Wave Systems D-Wave, a quantum computing company based in Burnaby, Canada, has announced what it claims is “by far the largest and most powerful quantum computer in existence today”. The firm already has several clients using its new device, called Advantage, but others in the field have qualms […]

Mars’s south pole may have an underground lake surrounded by ponds

By Leah Crane The ice cap that covers Mars’s south pole is composed of frozen water and carbon dioxideESA/DLR/FU Berlin / Bill Dunford A lake of liquid water surrounded by smaller ponds may be buried under 1400 metres of ice near the south pole of Mars. Radar observations had already suggested that there may be a […]

New species of tiny ‘fairy shrimp’ found in the world’s hottest desert

By Jake Buehler A male of the new species of fairy shrimp found in Iran’s Lut desertMilan Pallmann Tiny freshwater shrimp live in the world’s hottest desert – and their eggs can lay dormant for years when water is scarce. In 2006, satellite measurements recorded ground temperatures in the Lut desert reaching 70.7°C – a […]