Who should I vote for in the 2019 European elections?

Populist parties look set to make big gains in the European elections – but think twice about voting for them if you care about climate and the environment Environment | Comment 20 May 2019 Josie Ford By Debora MacKenzie Later this week, the people of 28 countries will vote to elect their representatives in the European Parliament for the next five years. One of them, the UK, has been brought to the ballot box kicking and screaming, having voted to leave the European Union and its directly elected assembly almost…

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GOP Defends Women’s Rights as Democrats Vote for Transgender Ideology

All but seven House Democrats voted Friday for a bill which ends legal and civic rights for women by allowing men who say they are transgender to freely use women’s legal rights, sports leagues, institutions, and private spaces. The radical policy pushed by Democrats ensured that only Republicans in the House debate defended the rights of women and girls to have female-only civic institutions, including sports clubs, private bathing, and shelters. Democrats applauded themselves for voting to free individuals’ from civil society and from biology and repeatedly denied the GOP…

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