We shouldn’t use Renaissance watermelons to judge nutritional value

Many crops have changed over the years through cultivation, but that doesn’t mean they have become less nutritious nor is that possible to judge from a picture, writes James Wong Health | Comment 21 April 2021 By James Wong Magite Historic/Alamy NOW, I realise my lifelong fascination with how the crops that sustain humanity today […]

3 million deaths: Despite new covid-19 milestone, there is hope ahead

As the world passes 3 million deaths from covid-19, New Scientist explores the pandemic’s trajectory and discovers many reasons for hope that the worst will soon be over Health 21 April 2021 By Michael Le Page Relatives attend a covid-19 burial at a cemetery in Manaus, Brazil Michael Dantas/AFP via Getty Images COVID-19 has now […]

Colour-changing beetle inspires algorithm for efficient engineering

By Matthew Sparkes Golden tortoise beetle (Charidotella sexpunctata) US GEOLOGICAL SURVEY/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY An algorithm inspired by the way that a species of beetle changes colour to communicate with its peers and predators solves engineering problems faster than a range of previous approaches. The golden tortoise beetle (Charidotella sexpunctata) is unusual in that males can […]