After Chinese Vaccine Fails, China Launches Smear Campaign Against Pfizer

A few days after attempting to dismiss disappointing test results from Brazil on China’s Sinovac vaccine candidate for the Chinese coronavirus, Chinese state media turned to attacking Sinovac’s American competitors Pfizer and Moderna, calling for a worldwide ban on Pfizer’s vaccine after 23 elderly Norwegians died, ostensibly from reactions to the Pfizer shots. China’s state-run […]

We must start publishing ethnicity data for covid-19 vaccinations

By Layal Liverpool Michelle Durbano The race to vaccinate as many people as possible against covid-19 is under way, but unless we track who receives the vaccine we won’t be able to ensure the benefits are spread equitably. Publishing ethnicity and other demographic data must become a priority. This will be vital for countries to […]

‘No Vaccine, No Job’ Declares Anti-Brexit Pimlico Plumbers Boss

Anti-Brexit businessman Charlie Mullins has vowed to introduce a “no vaccine, no job” policy, barring those who refuse vaccination for the Chinese coronavirus from his employment. The multimillionaire founder of Pimlico Plumbers said that he is allocating up to £1 million to innoculate his workforce once the vaccinations are available for private purchase. “No vaccine, […]