Cockatoos work out how to open bin lids by watching others do the trick

Cockatoos in Sydney have learned to open bins – and the technique is catching on, as others have worked out how to do it by watching them, scientists say. Australian sulphur-crested cockatoos were first observed opening the lids of bins to scavenge for food a number of years ago by ornithologist Richard Major. Impressed by […]

Russian traffic officer with golden toilet is arrested after police uncover massive bribery scheme

A senior Russian traffic officer accused of leading a criminal gang has been arrested on suspicion of accepting bribes. Police colonel Alexei Safonov and six other people were arrested by Russia’s Investigative Committee in the southern region of Stavropol. Officials released footage of the Safonov’s mansion, its lavish rooms, extravagant decorations, a billiards hall, and […]