Daily Dope: Look Inside To See Who it is Today!


That’s right, it’s our old friend…


After James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas recently exposed The Zucker puncher as a hard leftist agitator who supports the tyranny of our leftist regimes across America, we now see Facebook & these other totalitarian social media monsters for what they truly are…


On January 6th, Facebook conducted a vast hammer down on conservatives with 30 day bans, using trumped up charges, & telling us they don’t have the resources to examine our appeals.

In my case, they banned me for old articles that purportedly violated their terms of service, which is dubious at very best, since their TOS is a large moving goalpost.

Here is just a taste of Zuckerberg’s malfeasance, exposed by James O’Keefe:

FACEBOOK INSIDER LEAKS: Hours of Video of Zuckerberg & Execs Admitting They Have ‘Too Much Power’ … FB Wants to ‘Work … with [Biden] on Some of Their Top Priorities’ … ‘Biden Issued a Number of Exec Orders…We as a Company Really Care Quite Deeply About’

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO: “I know this is just a very difficult moment for a lot of us here [at Facebook], and especially our black colleagues. It was troubling to see how people in this [Capitol] mob were treated compared to the stark contrast we saw during [Black Lives Matter] protests earlier this [past] year.”

Zuckerberg: “The president [Trump] intends to use his remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful and lawful transition of power.”

Zuckerberg: “President Biden already issued a number of Executive Orders on areas that we as a company care quite deeply about and have for some time. Areas like immigration, preserving DACA, ending restrictions on travel from Muslim-majority countries, as well as other Executive Orders on climate and advancing racial justice and equity. I think these were all important and positive steps.”

Zuckerberg: “We also have the first woman and the first person of color as our vice president in the history of our country…The swearing in of Vice President Harris really stands as a reminder that despite the challenges that we are facing as a country, we all have so much to be proud of.”

Nick Clegg, Facebook Head of Global Affairs: “There has been quite a lot of disquiet expressed by many leaders around the world…ideally we wouldn’t be making these [censorship] decisions on our own, we would be making these decisions in line with our own conformity, with democratically agreed rules and principles. At the moment, those democratically agreed rules don’t exist. We still have to make decisions in real-time.”

Facebook Insider still works within the organization and is willing to continue exposing its corruption.

Project Veritas – JANUARY 31, 2021

[MENLO PARK, Calif. – Jan. 31, 2021] Project Veritas released a new video today leaked by a brave Facebook insider exposing CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other senior executives admitting to the company’s wide-ranging powers to censor political speech and promote partisan objectives.

Project Veritas

These people are pure evil, & the only peaceful way to stop them is to starve their platforms of activity. They can survive ONLY if they have enough eyeballs & fingertips interacting with them.

I realize it’s difficult to break away from these social sites, when most of your friends & family are connecting with you there, but the time has come to make a stand, even if it costs you the affections of these loved ones.

When this corrupt society no longer allows you to speak freely & express your heartfelt opinions & deeply held values, we can no longer tolerate their intolerance of liberty.

These beasts must be dismantled, & their remnants fed to the Eagle of freedom!

God Bless America!