EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Three Chapters from John Nolte’s Highly Anticipated Novel, ‘Borrowed Time’


Breitbart senior writer John Nolte’s debut novel, Borrowed Time (Bombardier Books – September 26), has already earned an Amazon “best seller” tag for topping the category of “lawyers and criminals.” He also saw his book reach number four in all books as an Amazon “mover and shaker.”

Below is a Borrowed Time excerpt exclusive to Breitbart News—chapters seven, eight, and nine.

Nolte sets the scene…

“At this point in the story, my protagonist, Joshua Mason, is already on his way to Las Vegas. The opening chapter explains the purpose of this visit”:

From Vegas, he would be taken someplace else. He didn’t know where, only that it would be a place where the rich and powerful play… those rich and powerful enough to cough up $50,000 for the privilege of murdering him using whatever method entertained them most.

The author adds, “Mason is immortal. While he can die like any man, he always returns. His renewable resource is his life. The people he loves desperately need this money. So, for the last couple of decades, he’s been selling his life to America’s wealthy elite.“

“This excerpt also references something called the All at Once. Earlier in the book, I define that term this way”:

The modern world had arrived so quickly it caught Mason unprepared. For thousands of years, human civilization hardly advanced, and then—just like that—it was bursting with marvels that would’ve been labeled science fiction or witchcraft only a generation before.
Mason didn’t have a name for this explosion of wonderment, this era of modernity that suddenly arrived and then hit light-speed, but if he did, he might’ve called it the All at Once. 

“Finally, the excerpt below opens with this sentence: Mason’s trip through time reached its zenith in Vegas. So there’s no confusion, Mason is not literally traveling through time. That’s just how it feels to him when he hits a city after driving through miles and miles of barren desert.”

Borrowed Time Excerpt by Breitbart News on Scribd

Some early praise for Borrowed Time:

“[I]t was the love story that got me. When I finished the last page, I actually had to take a moment to breathe.”

Victoria Dougherty, Bestselling Author of The Bone Church and the Breath series.

“It is the first fictional work to forcefully dramatize the terrifying world we live in today—what Nolte calls the All at Once—while showing us the way out through God and love.”

Roger Simon, Oscar-nominated Screenwriter, Prize-winning Mystery Novelist.

 “This novel is a high-wire narrative that meditates on life and death and God’s eternal presence.”

Robert Avrech, Emmy-winning Screenwriter of Body Double and A Stranger Among Us.

“A love story with a cinematic almost Capra-esque throwback to its feeling and passion, which at the same time is a smart thriller jumping along at a fun clip.”

Mike Binder, Comedian, Screenwriter, Director of Upside of Anger, Reign Over Me, and Author of Keep Calm.

Borrowed Time is something special. The idea at its center is ingenious, and seeing where he takes this concept is a thrill. I couldn’t put it down.”

Alex Marlow, Editor-In-Chief of Breitbart News and New York Times Bestselling Author.

“Though this book cannot fairly be categorized as Christian fiction, it expresses Christian themes as surely as if it were, and more effectively. I marvel at Nolte’s creative imagination and his facility for storytelling. This is a fun but provocative read.”

David Limbaugh, Author and Lawyer

Borrowed Time arrives September 26 and is also available in Kindle and Audible.