“He Wrestled My Spirit Back Into My Body” Laurie’s Near Death Experience #nde – L.A. Heaven EP 230


“He Wrestled My Spirit Back Into My Body” is the Near Death Experience of Laurie who drowned during a white water rafting excursion and found herself in a room made of clouds with 3 angels, one of which who has been with her since the “dawn of time”. https://www.nderf.org/Experiences/1laurie_l_nde.html Thumbnail Photo Credit: https://www.1stdibs.com/art/paintings/figurative-paintings/david-loeb-greco-roman-classical-wrestlers-oil-painting/id-a_8958532/ Experience:. May 1986
Documented on NDERF: 03/15/2018 1. I suddenly believed that I was going to die there, and the last thing I remember was saying, 'God please help me!' Without oxygen, I grew weaker and eventually stopped struggling entirely. I went limp in the cold darkness of the water, and suddenly I could no longer feel the burning and ache of the water in my lungs. The darkness around me grew completely white, and I felt like I was rushing at light speed through a tunnel. I felt warm as the pain left me, at peace with myself and the environment around me. 2. Unconditional, pure love radiated all around me, and into me. LOVE covered me like a warm blanket from an unknown source. 3. I could see a room that appeared to be formed from pure white clouds, yet wasn't solid. In the room were three beings, made of shimmering crystal. Light shone through them like a glass prism, forming a rainbow. One was larger than the other two, but all of them spoke to me. I was afraid of them, and they seemed to realize this. Instantly, they transformed into what I recognized as angels. They didn't have bird wings, they had fibers like fiber optic cables that were shaped like wings and pure light shone through the fibers, forming colors in all shades. When they spoke, their messages were sent telepathically. They could read my thoughts. Looking into their eyes, they were shades of intense colors that changed and shifted with electric sparks. Almost as if I were watching a DVD still spinning in a DVD player. And the love radiated from their eyes, as if I were the most precious creation God had ever placed into existence. It was as if they knew me intimately, yet I didn't feel uncomfortable feeling that they did. 4. The larger angel said, 'You have arrived too soon, the time has not come yet for you to be here. You must go back and finish your work on Earth. But since you are here, we will show you things.' The larger angel held a large book, but its pages were like images instead of words. I saw scenes of my life from the moment of my conception to the moment I fell out of the kayak into the river. The pages flipped rapidly, like watching a movie. I was instantly reminded of all the things I did for others, or failed to do for someone. They showed me a man I didn't know, whose face I could not see clearly, and many children that were still yet to be. One of the smaller angels said, 'I am Yahshael. I have been with you since the dawn of time, and I will be with you for eternity. You must go back, you have to be there for them. I will show you what you can look forward to until then, then you have to go back to your body.' 5. Instantly, Yahshael and I were teleported to the center of a vast golden field. I could hear the most beautiful music and I could feel it moving through me. The breeze blew against the tall golden wheat stalks, and as it did I could feel the spirit of all things living around me: animals, plants, the elements. I was one with them. I looked up and saw a huge ball of light that cast the purest, warm light all around me and felt God touch my skin. He knew me, he loved me no matter how imperfect my Earthly life had been. I was perfect and whole, I felt no pain. The angel took me up higher, and I felt like I was soaring endlessly. I could see a huge waterfall with no beginning and no end. Love and peace reigned here. I sensed the presence of loved ones that had passed on, but I didn't see them. We moved over the golden field, and at the end of it, was a country fence, and beyond that was a enormous tree with a canopy of gold leaves. When the breeze touched the leaves, they would fly off the tree's branches in the shape of colorful birds of all varieties. There was a lake beside it, and it flowed on both sides of the boundary. I looked down into the water, and it had a gloss to it like liquid mercury does. But when you look through it, you can see people that are living on earth. 6. I felt out of kayak into dark river water. When I surrendered to death the water became white and formed a tunnel that my spirit was funneled into. Thank you to NDERF.org who have compiled these wonderful NDEs. This channel is not associated with NDERF.org and NDERF.org has not authorized or approved this channel. Learning About Heaven is offering these Experiences in this small format as a means to further learn and grow.