How Did The Democrats Know They Would Win?


Before November 3rd, the Democrats told us exactly what they were planning to do.

They said that Trump would be winning the election throughout the night & proceeding days, then they urged Joe Biden to NEVER CONCEDE, because they would win in the end, based on mail-in ballots.

THIS begs the central question: How can Democrats know with any certainty that the mail-in ballots would secure their victory?

The ONLY way they could ensure this was to illegally manufacture enough Biden Ballots to win, & all they need to do was know how far behind they were to rig enough for the victory.

NEVER before in American election history, did several states simultaneously halt vote counting for several hours, then resume it with startlingly dramatic changes in the vote count for only ONE candidate.

EVERYTHING about this election screams FRAUD, yet nobody with the authority to seriously examine it has the courage to halt this certification process like the Democrats’ gall to halt the election tabulating on that fateful night.

You see, the Democrats are fueled by demonic forces that do not fear humans, so they run roughshod over us like a steamroller!

SO, how can we stop these evil monsters?

Well, the demons only fear God, so it is THE LORD we shall implore to shatter this sickening stronghold!

These slimy imps will be forced to relinquish their power over America, & we shall be FREE!