“I Was At Peace Amongst The Chaos” Robin’s Near Death Experience #nde – Learning About Heaven EP 224


“I Was At Peace Amongst The Chaos” is the Near Death Experience of Robin who died after being shot in the leg, hovers above the scene and kept thinking and sort of telling the rescuers “I am still here”. https://www.nderf.org/Experiences/1robin_h_nde.html Thumbnail Photo Credit: https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-Peace-in-Chaos/477690/3943350/view Experience:. 10/26/2013
Documented on NDERF: 2/27/2018 1. As I was above the scene, I could hear the firefighters working on me. I was peacefully confident that I wasn't going to die, but I knew they thought I was. I could hear but I couldn't see because of the blinding light. I felt very calm and peaceful. I kept thinking, and sort of telling my rescuers, 'I'm still here, I'm still here' at that time I had 'coded out.' But then on the way to the hospital, I was in and out of consciousness. 2. Please compare your vision during the experience to your everyday vision that you had immediately prior to the time of the experience. I could only see bright, blinding light, like if you stared at the sun, but it was in the back of my head and all-encompassing. 3. Did you see an unearthly light? Yes 360 degrees of the brightest light you can imagine surrounded all of me. Actually, I was nothing but light. I was experiencing pure, bright light. I couldn't see anything but blinding light. 4. During your experience, did you gain information about premortal existence? Yes The peace I felt was extraordinary. I returned from the NDE with intense compassion for humankind that I've never felt before. Thank you for listening to this video. Learning About Heaven is going to offer some of the best NDE experiences to listen to, discern and learn. We could all spend a little more time thinking about and learning about HEAVEN. Thank you to NDERF.org who have compiled these wonderful NDEs. This channel is not associated with NDERF.org and NDERF.org has not authorized or approved this channel. Learning About Heaven is offering these Experiences in this small format as a means to further learn and grow.