“I Was With Everyone And Everything” Kit’s Near Death Experience #nde – Learning About Heaven EP 232


“I Was With Everyone And Everything” is the Near Death Experience of Kit who died from a brain hemorrhage and finds herself in a wonderful park-like setting. And there’s her dad! https://www.nderf.org/Experiences/1kit_s_nde.html Thumbnail Photo Credit: https://fineartamerica.com/shop/posters/everyone-everywhere-judith-redman Experience:. 4/22/2010
Documented on NDERF: 04/20/2018 1. I felt as though I was being transported, but I couldn't see or hear anything. The shutter of the imaginary camera lens opened again. Now everything was different. I was different and felt wonderful. I didn't have any pain any more. I was no longer worried about my loved ones, as I felt as though I was still with them. But I was also with a LOT of people. I was with everyone and everything. 2. I looked around and saw that I was in a park with such beauty I had never seen before. The grass was manicured to perfection. There was a large tree, maybe an oak tree, with a perfect shape. The sky was beautiful blue, but it was somehow alive. Everything was perfect, without any decay or imperfection. I was standing on a pathway that curved in front of me. It was so brilliant white and yet didn't hurt my eyes. I knew this must be Heaven and I was feeling God's love and acceptance. 3. Then my father appeared in front of me. He had passed about 10 years before. Here, he looked so perfect, healthy, and happy. I was so glad to see him and wanted to jump into his arms. I knew that if I went around that corner on the pathway, I could stay with my daddy forever. But my dad stopped me and said without physically speaking a word, 'You need to go back. It's not your time yet.' For a very brief moment, I started to protest in my mind, but I stopped myself. If my dad was telling me this, it must be the truth and what's best and necessary for me. My dad would never lead me astray. I was sad, but obeyed him. I understood that I had to leave this wonderful place. Before I left, I saw lines of people. They were gay and straight, different colors, different religions, some were handicapped, some very young, and some who old. These people were all holding hands, showing love and forgiveness towards one another. 4. Did you see an unearthly light? Yes The pathway was a brilliant white, which was like a light. It seemed to call me to walk down the path. I just knew that if I went down the path, it would get even better and I wouldn't be able to go back into my body. It was like I was in a 'transition' place. Thank you for listening to this video. Learning About Heaven is going to offer some of the best NDE experiences to listen to, discern and learn. We could all spend a little more time thinking about and learning about HEAVEN. Thank you to NDERF.org who have compiled these wonderful NDEs. This channel is not associated with NDERF.org and NDERF.org has not authorized or approved this channel. Learning About Heaven is offering these Experiences in this small format as a means to further learn and grow.