Jim Wallis: GOP’s Gun Worship ‘Literally Sacrificing All Our Children’


Sojourners founder Jim Wallis said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” the Republicans are “worshiping” guns and “literally sacrificing all our children.”

Wallis said, “Here is a moral fact, the leading cause of death right now for our children and teenagers are guns, leading cause. Here is a moral conclusion from that moral fact, we are not protecting our children. If it was a website or poison food or some website, we would take care of it, but the Republicans say there is nothing we can do.”

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He continued, “There was an ancient god called Moloch. Leviticus talks about Moloch, who was a god who children were sacrificed to in flames, and the Bible was very tough on Moloch. Guns are our new Moloch. Guns are the Moloch we are sacrificing our children to Moloch when we could do easy common sense things.”

Wallis added, “This is anti-Christ, this is anti-Gospel and anti-Christ. So this is a false worship we are confronting here. We have to confront it theologically and not just politically.”

Host Joy Reid said, “Amen.”

Walis concluded, “Politicians could do something if they want to. What is behind that is they are worshiping a false god, and they are literally sacrificing all our children.”

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