New Year, New Fear: Stop The Gun Grabbers


In this new year, let’s try to use our brain power a bit.

First, do you want to trust our government, who can’t even manage a budget like we all do on a daily basis? Would you give our leaders the power to take any of our firearms from us & rely upon our police to defend us from criminals?

If you say yes, keep this in mind… It takes a criminal SECONDS to shoot & kill you and your family, & at best, MINUTES for the police to arrive for your defense.

When a lawbreaking thug comes to murder you, & you are unarmed, the only thing the police are good for is to gather enough evidence for prosecuting your killer.

Does that sound good for your well being?


Do NOT allow these bureaucratic pencil pushers in Washington to take away ANY of our guns. We need MORE rights to allow concealed carry permits in EVERY state.

It is a violation of the Constitution for ANY state to deny a concealed weapon permit.

ANY leader who has signed or voted for these restrictive laws Federally or in each state, should be immediately arrested & tried for treason against American liberties.

Let’s get this done, America !!!