“One Has To Know When To Quit Arguing With God” Kate’s Near Death Experience #nde – LAH EP 168


“One Has To Know When To Quit Arguing With God” is the Near Death Experience of Kate who drowned in the river when she was a child and finds herself having conversations throughout her life with the The Voice. The Voice that saved her. https://www.nderf.org/Experiences/1kate_m_possible_nde.html Thumbnail Photo Credit: https://www.1517.org/articles/the-night-we-defeated-god EXPERIENCE:. 1956-57
Documented: 6/21/2017 1. The Voice told me I would come to the top three times and then it would all be over. I assumed I was dying and He was there to take me to heaven. He tried to get me to kick my feet so it would look like I was swimming but I didn't understand 'why'. Before TV I'd never seen anyone swim before. The water was like air to me, so what was the point? He then told me to kick my feet as hard as I can, because there might be an Octopus in the water. I said, 'The Octopus lives in the ocean, this is a river.' He said, 'Maybe one came up the river from the Ocean.' I replied, 'Don't be stupid.' However, the end result was that kicking my feet worked. I didn't mind drowning and going to heaven, but I was terrified of an Octopus wrapping eight arms around me. 2. Two way conversation gone, now He does all the talking.
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