“Peace Be Upon You” Fatma’s Near Death Experience #nde – Learning About Heaven EP 238


“Peace Be Upon You” is the Near Death Experience of Fatma who dies in her sleep and is guided by an sharp dressed “angel from Allah” to a beautiful garden and palace. https://www.nderf.org/Experiences/1fatma_a_possible_nde.html Thumbnail Photo Credit: https://www.icanvas.com/canvas-print/peace-be-with-you-tkg145#1PC6-26×26 English language from the UK
Experience:. 2002
Documented on NDERF: 05/11/2018 1. Suddenly, I felt a presence nearby, seeming to be about three feet away from me. I turned to look and there was a man standing near the window. He was about six and a half feet (two meters) tall. His silver hair was combed back in a ponytail. He had blue eyes. His face was pale white, silky smooth, and had a shine to it, reminiscent of the moon. He had no mustache nor beard. His clothes were all white—simple and neat. The man did not look scary to me at first. 2. This unearthly origin said he is an Angel of Almighty God (Allah). He was dressed in all white. His face was pale white and bright as the moon. He had his own light surrounding him like the color of moon light. His hair was silver colored and combed behind his head into a pony tail. He had blue eyes. 3. I asked him two more times, 'Who are you?' He finally replied, 'I am Allah's Angel and I have been sent to take your soul because you are dead now.' I replied, 'No, I am NOT dead. Look, I am standing here with you.' And the Angel said, 'Yes, you ARE dead. See? There is your dead body lying right there on the bed.' I told the Angel, 'No, it's not. That is a Jinn (spirit) lying beside my husband. It has simply taken my form.' But the Angel replied, 'No, that body lying beside your husband is YOUR dead body and the 'YOU' standing here is your soul.' 4. As we continued to move upwards into the sky, I saw everything getting smaller and smaller, and it all looked so beautiful. At first, the earth looked flat to me. But the further up we went into space, the more the earth appeared oval shaped. Then looking around, I saw we were passing planets, stars and many galaxies. They looked very beautiful. I seemed to be going somewhere very, very far away, but in a short span of time. I suddenly jerked and I wasn't there any more.
5. I was in an incredibly beautiful, amazing garden that I cannot find words to describe. I was standing in this garden next to a huge gold and silver gate with many decorative shiny gems of different colours. The Angel who was with me now stood on the other side of the gate. He said, 'You cannot leave this garden. This garden is your place and you have to stay here until Judgment Day.' I said to him, 'Take me back to my family NOW. My children are small and they will need me.' I told the Angel to speak to Allah, and plead with him— 'Allah, my Lord, please! No matter what, you MUST send me back!' The Angel did not reply to me; he just disappeared. 6. There I beheld a huge, massive palace with shiny pearl domes. Its bricks were transparent, yet glowing with a silvery gold color, and there were beautifully colored gems interspersed among the bricks. The palace glowed with a mighty golden colour and it had emerald green doors. I walked towards those doors and they opened automatically for me, so I entered the palace. The carpets were silky green with a sequence of beautiful designs. I saw two golden thrones, decorated with green emeralds, red rubies and silver. There were also lovely red silk chairs glittering with beautiful gems. Also, there were sparkling, swinging chairs of green and silver. I was going around, touching everything and feeling so excited and so happy. 7. There was a point where something that was part of me but outside my consciousness spoke in a strange language. I had the understanding that this was an introduction of who I was. 8. Did you seem to enter some other, unearthly world? A clearly mystical or unearthly realm. I was put into a beautiful garden which had all the pleasures that the heart, eyes, ears and nose could ever desire. There was a pleasant fragrance that gaive me calmness and good feelings. This place I can only describe as paradise. I have no other words but 'awesome' and 'out of this world.' 9. During your experience, did you gain information about the existence of God? Yes when I asked that man who is he, he replied, 'I am an Angel and I was sent by Allah to take your soul because you are dead.' I requested that Angel to speak to Allah and to send me back to my small children and husband. I was sent back to my body which meant that Allah had listened to my request through that Angel. 10. During your experience, did you gain information about the meaning of life? Yes Angee told me that this is a place for learning. Everyone is important and how we treat each other here is important. It was also very important to learn and make changes to our behavior when we learn that we're hurting others. We need to make a positive change to not hurt others and to respect all living things.