Smart Watch For Android iOS Sports Fitness Calorie Wristband


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Smart Watch
Android iOS Sports Fitness Calorie Wristband Wear Smart Watch



  • A variety of
    sports modes; sports data display provides 10 sports modes,
    real-time view of exercise duration, exercise heart rate, calorie
    consumption, steps, mileage and pace, adjust the state of motion at
    any time, and always know your own sports.
  • Exercise heart
    rate, resting heart rate monitoring, intelligent blood pressure
    monitoring, heart rate manual/automatic monitoring; blood pressure
    manual/automatic monitoring, automatic monitoring every 10 minutes,
    mobile APP and watch end interface, all have switch control.
  • Sleep
    Monitoring: Analyze automatic monitoring of sleep quality, sleep
    time and sleep status. You can set an alarm for the alarm of the
    alarm and gently wake you up every morning.
  • Instant call,
    SMS, message push message synchronous push, display content, check
    the message at any time without missing any message and important
  • Anti-lost
    reminder: After connecting the watch and mobile phone via Bluetooth
    in two directions, click on the bracelet on the mobile app, the
    bracelet will vibrate to make it easy to find, and the watch can
    also find the location of the phone. When the distance between the
    watch and the mobile phone exceeds 10 meters, the watch and the
    mobile phone will issue an alarm to disconnect the reminder.
  • Fully fit,
    full-circle full-touch color screen fingertips are light and smooth,
    and can be touched in full screen. The side button returns to the
    main interface with one button, and the operation is returned to the
    air. The touch further supports the hand-turning wrist brightness
    screen, the brightness adjustment, and the brightness period
  • 1.3-inch
    full-circle full-etching color screen 240×240 HD resolution,
    multi-dial theme can be selected.
  • One charge can
    last for 7~26 days magnetic fast charge, full of only 90 minutes of
    portable charging, compatible with any power adapter, plug and
    charge, full only takes 90 minutes, get rid of the anxiety of no
  • IP67 waterproof
    and dustproof standard can be worn with confidence in daily life or


  • Main control
    chip: NORDIC NRF52832 comes with 4.0 Bluetooth
  • Photoelectric
    sensing: self-contained + billion light PD70
  • Acceleration
    sensor: three-axis acceleration Roma KX1057
  • RAM: 64KB
  • ROM: 512KB
  • Storage:
    External Flash 64Mb
  • Screen: 1.3″,
    240*240 full fit full touch screen
  • Battery;
    polymer 200 mAh
  • Bottom case:
  • Front shell:
    zinc alloy, glass
  • Strap: TPU
  • Strap size:
    long side 120mm, short side 98mm, width 22mm
  • Body size:
    diameter 45.7mm, thickness 12.9mm


  • 1x smart
  • 1x instruction
  • 1x data line