“Saying I Went To Hell Is Hard For An Athiest” Kim’s Near Death Experience #nde – LA Heaven EP 248


“Saying I Went To Hell Is Hard For An Athiest” is the Near Death Experience of Kim who overdoses on pills and finds herself unable to move with her body parts being bitten and ripped off over and over again. https://www.nderf.org/Experiences/1kim_m_probable_nde.html Thumbnail Photo Credit: https://fineartamerica.com/featured/burning-in-hell-anthony-renardo-flake.html Experience:. 08/1991
Documented on NDERF: 08/12//2018 1. I just remember it was pitch black. I couldn’t see anything, but I could hear screaming and what sounded like big angry animals or devils. These were awful sounds. I can’t describe the smell, but the closest would be that it smelled rancid at best. I was unable to move. I could feel claws and teeth tearing at my skin. I was being eaten and torn to pieces. The pain was unimaginable. But I didn’t die. I couldn’t scream, nor could I get away. I couldn’t understand how I was still being torn apart. My arms had been ripped off several times and I could feel something eating my stomach. Yet, I didn’t die. I just kept suffering. At one point, I knew this was hell, I was dead, and this was going to be my eternity. 2. I wasn’t a religious person. I was still young and hadn’t completely been brainwashed into believing by my not very religious family. Today I am an Atheist. But I had this experience and I have no doubts that I was experiencing hell or something hellish. Being atheist means I don’t believe in god. And I don’t believe in Satan either. I believe I died and went to hell. But I didn’t see the devil. I guess he was busy that day 3. I heard screams from others who sounded far away. Everything seemed to echo. I did not hear words, just screams of agony and pain. I also heard the sound of my own body being repeatedly torn apart and bones snapping. I could hear whatever was eating my stomach. It was horrific. Even though my arms and legs and head had been pulled off several times, I could feel my arms and legs being bitten and eaten at the same time that my body parts would be being pulled off again. Thank you for listening to this video. Learning About Heaven is going to offer some of the best NDE experiences to listen to, discern and learn. We could all spend a little more time thinking about and learning about HEAVEN. Thank you to NDERF.org who have compiled these wonderful NDEs. This channel is not associated with NDERF.org and NDERF.org has not authorized or approved this channel. Learning About Heaven is offering these Experiences in this small format as a means to further learn and grow.