State Department Spox: Taiwan Policy Hasn’t Changed, But We Stand by Biden’s Answer to Hypothetical


On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” State Department Spokesperson Ned Price said that President Joe Biden’s declaration that the U.S. would send troops to defend Taiwan was a response to a hypothetical and U.S. policy hasn’t changed, but the administration stands by Biden’s answer to the hypothetical.

Price stated [relevant remarks begin around 6:00] that Biden said “what he has said on every instance in which he’s been asked this question before, namely that our policy has not changed.”

Host Martha MacCallum then cut in to ask, “But he’s four times now said, if they invade, we will go there with U.S. troops and support them. He’s said it four times. So, you’re telling me that that’s not a change?”

Price responded, “And each of those four times, to answer your question, the President has also added in his answer that our policy has not changed. We see the utility in the continued status quo across the Taiwan Strait. We don’t want to see either side take unilateral action that would disrupt the status quo that has served our interests, and frankly, has served the interests of the international community over the course of the past 40 years. That is our interest is preserving and maintaining that status quo.”

MacCallum then asked, “You stand by his answer to the hypothetical?”

Price answered, “Of course. And the President was very clear in his answer that our policy has not changed. He’s the President of the United States, if the President of the United States wishes to change U.S. policy, he will leave no doubt about doing that.”

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