Study Shows 80% Of Men Have Brought A Condom To A Funeral

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A new study revealed that 80% of men have shown up to a funeral with a condom on hand… just in case one thing leads to another.

2,000 adults ages 18 to 35 took part in the survey which was known as the State of Sex survey. One of those questions happened to touch on bringing protection to a funeral.

The survey — which was perhaps unsurprisingly the work of condom brand Trojan — found that 8 out of 10 (or if you want to simplify it with some sweet math skills, 4 out of 5) men had brought a condom to a funeral.

That probably sounds weird. However, believe it or not, some believe that grief can activate one’s libido.

Sexologist Patti Britton explained this phenomenon to Mel Magazine.

“It’s really about filling the void – literally and figuratively,” he said (calm down, Patti). ‘The grief trajectory is about a loss of closeness – a loss of intimacy. That’s why our libido kicks in: To fill that void.”

That’s interesting. I’ve usually found it results in bumming around and watching The Simpsons for hours on end.

But I guess to each their own.

Dudes Who Bring Condoms To Funerals Are Just Prepared For Anything

Unfortunately, this study didn’t expound on those who hit the funeral home with a ready-to-go rubber in their back pocket. I really want to know if these were dudes who always have a prophylactic tucked into their wallet or if they said, “I’ve got a funeral this afternoon… gonna need to swing by CVS first and pick up some condoms.”

There’s a big difference there.

However, in both cases, these are dudes who are ready for anything and the kind of dude you want with you in case of an emergency. This guy probably always has a Swiss Army knife at the ready should the need arise. He’s probably not a full-on doomsday prepper, but he does have some water and MREs set aside just in case someone attacks the power grid.

Major respect for those dudes who are ready for anything. Even if that includes an unexpected dalliance with the deceased’s hot niece following the post-funeral luncheon.

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