Monmouth Poll: Half of America Approves of Trump’s Coronavirus Response

Roughly half of America approves of the job that President Donald Trump is doing to combat the coronavirus pandemic. A new poll released by Monmouth University on Monday indicates that 50 percent of Americans across the country believe the president is doing a good job in handling the crisis, compared to 45 percent who do […]

Joe Biden Delivers Speech on Coronavirus After Primary Wins in Florida, Illinois

Former Vice President Joe Biden used his speech after Democrat primary wins in Florida and Illinois to try to appear presidential during the coronavirus crisis and appeal to rival Bernie Sanders voters. After first mispronouncing and repeating “Good Evening,” Biden delivered a live-streamed speech from his home in Wilmington, Delaware, first speaking about the coronavirus […]

Joe Biden Routs Bernie Sanders in Florida’s Democrat Primary

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the projected winner of the Democrat presidential primary in Florida. Biden, who led most polls emanating out of the Sunshine State in recent weeks, was declared the winner shortly after the last ballot was cast. Although the official margin is yet to be known, Biden seems to have dispatched […]