Large western diamondback rattlesnake discovered under bed in Phoenix

A Phoenix resident got an unwelcome surprise recently in the shape of a large western diamondback rattlesnake. Snake removal firm Rattlesnake Solutions was called in to deal with the venomous reptile after its discovery in an apartment in the North Phoenix, Cave Creek area. “Most of the time that we respond to a ‘rattlesnake in […]

Rape and killing of Dalit woman shocks India, draws outrage

NEW DELHI — The gang rape and death of a woman from the lowest rung of India’s caste system sparked outrage across the country on Wednesday, with several politicians and activists demanding justice and protesters rallying in the streets. The attack of the 19-year-old is the latest gruesome case of sexual violence against women to rile […]

Chicago bulldog rescue refuses CDC order to relinquish puppies found abandoned in airport warehouse

A Chicago-based dog rescue has refused government orders to return bulldog puppies that were left stranded in an airport warehouse in August. Chicago French Bulldog Rescue announced last week on Facebook that its attorneys had received orders from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that the 15 puppies that the group was caring for […]