Charles Hurt: Democrats’ Goofball Primary Continues Amid Global Pandemic

The Democrats’ nomination horror flick “Weekend at Bernie’s” has turned into an even dumber horror movie: “Grumpy Old Men.” Watching Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders slug it out Sunday night — elbow-bumping from six feet apart in a social-distancing TV studio — was beyond bizarre. Perhaps it was a perfect reflection of what this whole process has been from […]

Joe Biden Declared Winner of Arizona Democrat Primary

Joe Biden (D) won the Democrat primary in Arizona on Tuesday evening, according to the Associated Press. The former vice president defeated Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in the Arizona primary election, affirming his sweep of the night. He also won Florida and Illinois handily: Joe Biden wins the Arizona Democratic primary in a blow to […]

NY Governor Cuomo Praises Trump: ‘His Team Has Been on It’ ‘President Is Doing the Right Thing’

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) in a  Tuesday press conference praised President Trump’s response efforts to the coronavirus pandemic in New York, saying his team was “on it” and that he was doing the “right thing.” He also called for Americans to put politics aside. Cuomo, whose state is facing more than 600 cases, […]