Brazil Inks Deal to Use Yuan, Not Dollar, in Trade with China

The governments of Brazil, now under the leadership of radical leftist Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and communist China announced an agreement on Wednesday to no longer use the U.S. dollar to conduct trade, instead relying on the Chinese yuan and Brazilian real. China is Brazil’s largest trade partner, meaning the deal will significant decrease […]

Biden’s ‘Summit for Democracy’ Attracts Apathy from Allies, Mockery from Dictatorships

The U.S. State Department’s second Summit for Democracy, running from Tuesday to Thursday this week, was a disappointing affair — snubbed outright by Pakistan and mocked by the rising authoritarian powers of China and Russia. Pakistan pulled out of the summit at the last minute, stating it could “promote and strengthen diplomatic principles” just fine on […]

Exclusive — Tom Cotton: Joe Biden ‘Should Invite Prime Minister Netanyahu to the White House’

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) is calling on Democrat President Joe Biden to invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House for a formal visit. “The president should invite Prime Minister Netanyahu to the White House,” Cotton told Breitbart News in an interview on Wednesday afternoon. “He’s one of our closest partners in the […]