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Watch Live: Leftists Rally at White House to Protest Trump, Protect Mueller

Protests are taking place around the country Thursday night, organized by the leftist MoveOn and other anti-Trump organizations, including in Washington, DC, and New York City in response to President Donald Trump’s decision to ask for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ resignation. Protesters believe Sessions’ resignation will lead to the undoing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump presidential campaign. In firing Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump has crossed a red line and started a constitutional crisis. We are activating our rapid-response network, launching mass…

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Trump After Meeting with Rod Rosenstein: Democrats Colluded with Russia

President Donald Trump struck a positive tone on the special counsel investigation after meeting with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Monday, telling reporters he believed he would be treated “very fairly” and that “Democrats colluded with Russia.” “I think we’ll be treated very fairly. Everybody understands there was no collusion. There’s no Russia. It was all made up by the Democrats. They’re the ones that colluded with Russia. The Democrats colluded with Russia. And, frankly, the previous administration didn’t do anything about Russia when they knew that they should…

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