Some in Migrant Caravan Carry Fake COVID-19 Test Results, Say Guatemalan Officials

Guatemalan officials report that some of the migrants in this weekend’s caravan carried fake COVID-19 test results. Others actually tested positive for the potentially deadly virus. Guatemalan Foreign Affairs Secretary Pedro Brolo Vila told reporters that some of the thousands of migrants who violently crossed their border from Honduras over the weekend are carrying fake […]

Study: Japan’s Suicides Jump 16% in Coronavirus Second Wave

Monthly suicide rates in Japan increased by 16 percent from July to October 2020 compared to the same period the previous year, Japanese researchers have found. The three-month interval coincided with Japan’s second wave of Chinese coronavirus outbreaks, Reuters reported Sunday. Published by researchers at Tokyo’s Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology and Hong Kong University in the scientific […]

China: Coronavirus Surge Leaves 11 Regions Under Lockdown

Government officials in China have sealed off at least 11 regions across three provinces to curb the spread of a Chinese coronavirus “resurgence,” state media reported on Monday. “Northeast China’s Heilongjiang sealed off at least five regions – Zhaodong, Qinggang, Suihua city’s downtown area, Angangxi district in Qiqihar and Hulan district in Harbin. Local residents […]