GOP Congressman Compares Donald Trump to Jesus Christ Ahead of Impeachment Vote

In accordance with President Donald Trump’s stated position that he is a mere victim of bloodthirsty Democrats in the impeachment proceedings, Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) took the president’s self-diagnosed martyrdom one step further: On Wednesday, December 18, the congressman likened the embattled POTUS to Jesus Christ, a refugee born in a stable. The Republican likened Trump—a […]

Watchmen’s On-the-Nose Music Supervision Was a Sly and Fitting Tribute to the Original Comic

In the waning hours of the decade, Damon Lindelof’s reimagining of Watchmen established itself as one of TV’s cleverest dramas—a perfect storm of incisive cultural commentary and puzzle-box screenwriting that managed to upend its source material without disrespecting it. It also worked as a sort of exercise in overcorrection: after the open-ended clusterfuck that was Lost, and the rigorously postmodern ambiguity of The Leftovers, the narrative strands of Watchmen […]

Paul McCartney’s New Children’s Movie Sounds Pretty Good

We have not read Paul McCartney’s debut children’s book High in the Clouds, but feel a responsibility to inform you that the illustrated novel is being adapted as an animated feature film for Netflix, and it sounds pretty good, as far as those things go. The book, which McCartney co-published with Philip Ardagh in 2005, […]