Trump Backs Banning Nancy Pelosi from Stock Trades: ‘It’s Not Fair to the Rest of the Country’

Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday backed bipartisan efforts to ban members of Congress from trading stocks, telling Breitbart News on a press call House Speaker Nancy Pelosi performing significantly better than the market is “not fair” to ordinary Americans. “She has inside information. It’s not right. It’s not appropriate. It shouldn’t be,” Trump said […]

Senate Democrats Predict Merrick Garland Will Prosecute Trump over January 6

Attorney General Merrick Garland could prosecute former President Trump for the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, Senate Democrats say. Speaking with The Hill, several Democrat lawmakers said there is a “good chance” the Department of Justice will seek to prosecute Trump, potentially knocking him out of the 2024 election. Merrick Garland has given […]

Clyburn: Biden Should ‘Stay the Course’ to Fix Poll Numbers, Press ‘Needs to Be Exposing’ Trump

During an interview with CBS’ “Red & Blue,” on Monday, House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) said President Joe Biden “has to stay the course” to fix his bad poll numbers and help Democrats going into the 2022 elections. He also argued that “The press all over this country needs to be exposing” former President […]