Donald Trump Shakes Hands with Supporters Despite Coronavirus Fears

President Donald Trump confidently shook the hands of Florida supporters on Monday, despite heightened fears in Washington, DC, of the spread of coronavirus. The president landed in Orlando, Florida and walked over to a fence line to shake the hands of a group of cheering supporters, before leaving the airport to attend a fundraiser. President […]

Carney: 9 Things Trump Can Do To Save the Economy from Coronavirus

The plunge in global markets on Monday will no doubt add a sense of urgency to the high-level meetings at the White House Monday afternoon aimed at formulating coronavirus economic policy responses. There are several steps the Trump administration can take to combat the economic drag from the coronavirus. These would likely prevent a recession […]

Biden: I Wish Trump Would ‘Just Be Quiet’ on Coronavirus

Democratic presidential hopeful and former Vice President Joe Biden said Monday during an interview on MSNBC that President Donald Trump should “just be quiet” on the coronavirus outbreak. Host Andrea Mitchell said, “You also have the president just today arriving in Florida for that fund-raiser and shaking hands on a rope line. So, politics will […]