Buttigieg and 12 Other Biden Cabinet Officials to Attend U.N. Climate Summit as Supply Chain Crisis Continues

Thirteen members of President Joe Biden’s cabinet are heading to Glasgow, Scotland, for the United Nation’s climate summit later this month, while the nation remains in the midst of a migrant crisis at the southern border and a supply chain crisis at U.S. ports. The climate summit attendees will include Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg who has been on parental leave […]

WH’s Psaki Defends Inflation — ‘Good Thing’ Because It Means ‘More People Are Buying Goods’

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday on CNN’s “The Lead” that rising prices were a “good thing” because it meant more people were buying goods. Anchor Jake Tapper said, “Inflation is skyrocketing as I don’t need to tell you. The prices for home heating costs, cars, groceries, furniture, rent, gasoline are hitting Americans right […]

Ex-Walmart CEO: Supply Chain is ‘Mess from Start to Finish’

Appearing Friday on the Fox Business Network, former Walmart CEO Bill Simon said the supply chain is a “mess from start to finish” as President Joe Biden struggles to alleviate backlogged U.S. ports. [embedded content] A transcript is as follows: DAGEN MCDOWELL: Bill, you’re saying you have never seen retail shelves this empty. What are your […]