Obama Rips Trump in Colbert Interview: ‘Exceeded’ My Worst Fears About His Presidency

Former president Barack Obama told CBS’s The Late Show host Stephen Colbert that the Trump administration has “exceeded” his worst fears, adding that he believes President Donald Trump has mismanaged the coronavirus pandemic. Barack Obama took his shots at President Trump during a gushing interview on The Late Show Tuesday as part of his ongoing […]

Alyssa Milano Extends ‘Olive Branch to Trump Supporters’ After Years of Smears, from Klansman to Misogynist Bigots

It was just a couple months ago that Alyssa Milano was calling for Republicans to be “tried for treason.” And now, just weeks removed from the election, and after years of smears and attacks, the left-wing activist and actor is ready to “extend an olive branch to Trump supporters.” “I am ready to move #ForwardTogether,” […]

Alyssa Milano’s Immigration Themed Netflix Christmas Movie Calls U.S.-Mexico Border an ‘Imaginary Line’

Actress and Joe Biden surrogate Alyssa Milano has made an immigration-themed Christmas movie in which a young girl finds herself parentless and homeless after her mother, who is an illegal immigrant, is kicked out of the country. At one point, a character rails at the injustice of it all, calling the U.S.-Mexico border “an imaginary line.” […]