Rob Reiner Appears to Suggest Trump Could Be Accessory to Murder over Coronavirus Response

Filmmaker Rob Reiner appeared to suggest that President Donald Trump could be an accessory to murder over his response to the coronavirus pandemic. The Princess Bride director also seemed to repeat the falsehood that Trump called the coronavirus a “hoax.” Rob Reiner made this suggestion in a tweet on Sunday. “I’m not a lawyer, but […]

They Love L.A. – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Move to California

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex — also known as Prince Harry and his Hollywood wife Meghan – have left Canada behind and moved permanently to California, UK media reports said Friday. The Royal couple flew by private jet from Canada to Los Angeles last week before the border between the two countries closed because […]

Rosanna Arquette: GOP Legacy Will Be ‘the Many Deaths of Innocent People’

Actress Rosanna Arquette said that U.S. coronavirus deaths could have been avoided if the country had a “real leader who cared about the American people.” She also said the “deaths of innocent people” will be the legacy of the Republican party. In a tweet on Thursday, the Desperately Seeking Susan and Pulp Fiction star cited […]