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European Union Launches Its Own Online ‘Fact-Checker’ to Fight ‘Europhobics’

The EU has set up its own “fact checking” service in order to combat the spread of so-called “fake news” ahead of May’s European elections. The new ‘Decoders of Europe’ site, based on the Boulevard St Germain in Paris, seeks to “answer a series of questions or accusations, explaining what constitutes the reality and sometimes the complexity of European policies. Beyond these explanations, our goal is also to better inform, on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, what works in Europe!” according to the EU…

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Glenn Greenwald Slams Collusion Coverage: Media Disgraced Itself, Damaged Journalism More Than Trump

Appearing Friday on the Fox News Channel, The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald argued that journalism has “disgraced” itself and reporters damaged the media more than President Donald Trump with their coverage of the now-disproven Russia collusion theory. [embedded content] A partial transcript is as follows:  TUCKER CARLSON: What about all the people over the last two years that have been dismissed — and you’ve been one of them — as agents of the Russian government. Where’s the justice for them? When do they get their reputations back? GLENN GREENWALD: I think one of…

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Hollywood Melts Down over Year-Old, Deceptively Edited Video to Attack Trump: ‘Genocide Language’

Left-wing Hollywood figures are freaking out and comparing President Donald Trump to a Nazi, using a misleading and edited video from last year of President Donald Trump calling murderous illegal aliens “animals.” In May 2018, President Trump said that members of the violent gang MS-13 were not “people…these are animals.” At the time, the establishment media and Hollywood activists used that line to falsely claim that Trump was calling all asylum seekers “animals.” The video of Trump is now re-circulating online among the left after Democratic 2020 hopeful Robert Francis…

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