HHS Secretary Azar rips CNN after report of resignation: ‘I am still here’

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar slammed CNN on Friday night after the network reported he had resigned and was citing the Jan. 6 Capitol riot as a reason for his departure. “Contrary to the @CNN chyron, I am still here serving the American people at HHS,” Azar wrote on Twitter after the network’s […]

Hannity blasts cancel culture ‘permeating’ US, Dems calling for GOP resignations over election objections

Sean Hannity warned his viewers Friday that Democrats’ “cancel culture” crusade is a dire threat to Americans’ quality of life.  The “Hannity” host described President Trump‘s second impeachment by the House of Representatives this week as the culmination of the related “rage and hysteria directed at all things Donald Trump.” “As we have long pointed out,” Hannity […]

Parody ‘It Wasn’t Me’ music video mocks Democrats’ hypocrisy about violating own lockdown orders

A new parody music video produced by Reason magazine mocks Democratic lawmakers who were caught breaking their own lockdown rules during the coronavirus pandemic.  Comedian Remy Munasifi, who goes by “GoRemy” on social media, stars in the video parodying Shaggy’s hit 2000 song “It Wasn’t Me”. Munasifi portrays a politician caught blatantly violating his own orders by dining with friends. “Voter came […]