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Biden administration ‘took a chainsaw’ to energy industry, global security: Dagen McDowell

Dagen McDowell said that President Biden’s energy secretary Jennifer Granholm “took a chainsaw…to one of our most valuable industries…and…our global security” Friday on “The Five.” Granholm laughed recently when asked about her plans to increase American oil production, saying “that is hilarious” and explaining that oil is a “global market” controlled by OPEC – which […]

Democrats know priorities of American people but are purposefully ignoring us: Campos-Duffy

Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy opened Friday’s “Fox News Primetime” by ripping the Democratic Party for “purposely ignoring” the American people even the results of this week’s elections. CAMPOS-DUFFY: If this week’s elections proved anything, it’s that Americans care about kitchen table issues. We want what’s best for our country and what’s best for our […]

‘Woke Racism’ author McWhorter: Condoleezza Rice’s criticism of critical race theory is ‘dead right’

Columbia University professor and author John McWhorter said on Friday that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice‘s criticism of critical race theory was correct. “She’s dead, right,” the author of “Woke Racism” told “The Brian Kilmeade Show.” The former secretary of state, who served during the Bush administration, denounced the teaching of critical race theory […]