Newt Gingrich: Biden says one thing, does the opposite

After watching the elite liberal media gush over the inauguration of President Biden, I have waited for someone to analyze the fascinating difference between his inaugural speech and his inaugural actions.   I thought the speech was incredibly well-delivered. The new president promised unity, togetherness and finding common ground. It was a speech of classic […]

Nile Gardiner: Biden wrong to evict Winston Churchill bust from Oval Office — signals weakening of US-UK ties

In his inaugural address, President Biden pledged to “repair alliances.” Yet one of his first moves in power was to remove a bust of the late British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill from the Oval Office, as President Barack Obama did in January 2009. This was a slap in the face for Great Britain on […]

Sen. Tom Cotton: Xavier Becerra nomination – here’s why Senate should reject culture warrior for HHS post

Joe Biden campaigned on pledges to unite the country and defeat the pandemic; he continues to stress these twin priorities. But his nominee to be secretary of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, is a partisan culture warrior who undermines both pledges.  The Senate ought to reject Becerra’s nomination.  First off, Becerra isn’t qualified for the […]