Gen. Milley says Taliban appear to have ‘strategic momentum’

The Taliban appear to have “strategic momentum” in the fight for control of Afghanistan as they put increasing pressure on key cities, setting the stage for a decisive period in coming weeks as American forces complete their withdrawal, the top U.S. military officer said Wednesday. “This is going to be a test now of the […]

UK inspectors find book calling for gays to be executed in Islamic boarding school’s library

A Muslim boarding school in the United Kingdom failed a government inspection after a book calling for gay people to be killed was found in its library. “Participants of the homosexual act should be slained whether they are married or unmarried,” the book “Islam on Homosexuality” states, according to inspectors with the Office for Standards […]

Russia unveils new ‘Checkmate’ stealth fighter jet at air show

Russian President Vladimir Putin inspected the country’s newly unveiled “Checkmate” warplane on Tuesday. The prototype of the Sukhoi fifth-generation stealth fighter was revealed at the MAKS-2021 International Aviation and Space Salon, Reuters reported. The show opened Tuesday in Zhukovsky, outside Moscow. Fifth-generation refers to the jet’s stealth characteristics, a capability to cruise at supersonic speed as well […]