Ice cream from China contaminated with coronavirus: report

Three samples of ice cream from a Chinese company tested positive for COVID-19, and thousands of boxes of the dessert have been confiscated as a result.  STATE DEPARTMENT SAYS WUHAN LAB RESEARCHERS MAY HAVE HAD COVID IN THE FALL OF 2019 The contaminated ice cream caused Tianjin Daqiaodao Food Company to dump 2,089 boxes of the […]

Australia wants to kill US racing pigeon that made 8,000-mile journey over disease concerns

Australian officials are planning to kill a U.S. racing pigeon that managed to survive a whopping 8,000-mile journey across the Pacific.  Kevin Celli-Bird said Thursday the exhausted bird arrived in his Melbourne backyard on Dec. 26 and he discovered it had disappeared from a race in Oregon on Oct. 29. The feat first drew attention from local media before Australia’s Quarantine and Inspection Service became […]

WHO confirms that it will visit Wuhan in coronavirus investigation

The World Health Organization has confirmed that it will visit the city of Wuhan during its investigation in China into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic. The virus was first detected in Wuhan in late 2019. A report earlier this week said it was unclear whether WHO experts would visit the city during their investigation. […]