Washington state Senate approves open carry ban at Capitol, permitted rallies in party-line vote

Washington state senators voted along party lines Thursday to pass a bill that would ban the open carry of firearms and other weapons both at the Capitol building and grounds and within 250 feet of a permitted protest anywhere in the state. The ban includes having a firearm in one’s car.  Democratic Sen. Patty Kuderer, the […]

Pelosi vows to keep minimum wage provision in House bill; Harris could act

The Senate’s chief parliamentarian ruled Thursday that a federal minimum wage hike should not be included in the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package, but that seemed to do little to deter House Democrats from pursuing the plan — against impossible odds. In a statement obtained by Fox News, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough’s decision […]

NASA leaves hidden message on parachute of Mars rover

Amateur puzzle fans delighted this week when NASA revealed it had hidden a secret color-coded message on the parachute for the Perseverance rover that landed on Mars last week. The message, written by systems engineer Ian Clark in binary code through alternating white and orange strips on the 70-foot chute, spelled out the NASA motto […]