Jamie Lynn claims Britney Spears could’ve ended conservatorship by moving to new state, legal experts weigh in

Jamie Lynn Spears claimed all Britney Spears needed to do to end her conservatorship was move to a new state, but legal experts tell Fox News Digital the chances of that happening were “slim to none.” Jamie Lynn doubled down on her claim that she attempted to help Britney out of her conservatorship multiple times […]

Roseanne Barr’s daughter recalls family ‘pressures’ as mom found fame: ‘Our family was falling apart’

Roseanne Barr‘s daughter is opening up about how her mother’s fame brought hardship to their family. Jenny Petland, Barr’s middle child, published the book “This Will Be Funny Later: A Memoir” on Jan. 18. In it, she takes a deep dive into her life, reflecting on what it was like to grow up with a […]

John Mellencamp recalls ex-wife barring ‘girls’ from backstage, has complied since 1991: ‘Her advice was good’

John Mellencamp isn’t too keen on allowing folks backstage at his shows. As the “Hurts So Good” singer explains it, “girls” and what he calls “hangers-on” have been barred from entering the backstage area of his shows since 1991 – when his then-wife Elaine Irwin put her foot down. “Elaine came out on tour with […]