NPR public editor admits SCOTUS story ‘merits clarification,’ says reporter’s word choice was ‘misleading’

A top editor at NPR acknowledged a report that received unprecedented blowback from three Supreme Court justices “merits clarification” but stopped short of offering a correction or a retraction.  NPR public editor Kelly McBride addressed the ongoing controversy involving a story published Tuesday that alleged Justice Neil Gorsuch refused to wear a mask despite being […]

Media push narrative of Florida official put on leave for encouraging vaccinations, but truth more complicated

Media top headlines January 20 In media news today, Biden appears to lose his cool after a reporter’s question on divisiveness, NPR stands by mask report as three SCOTUS justices refute its claims, and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow says Biden used his long press conference to show Putin he has ‘stamina.’ Multiple media outlets have suggested […]

Hospital systems squeezing city resources amid COVID-related staff shortages, creating longer wait times

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – From police officers to paramedics, emergency service departments across the country are struggling to stay fully staffed because of COVID-19.   Since some departments are short-staffed, wait times for emergency calls have increased.  But there’s another major issue departments are dealing with: “Wall time,” which, according to officials, is only making things […]