Hannity: Democrats’ ‘deprogramming’ rhetoric the opposite of Biden’s calls for ‘unity’

Democrats, members of the mainstream media and Big Tech are elevating their rhetoric about their political opponents to alarming heights, Sean Hannity said Monday. The “Hannity” host pointed to calls from figures like former “Today” host Katie Couric and Washington Post associate editor Eugene Robinson that Trump supporters must be “deprogrammed” of what they describe as dangerous groupthink. […]

DC restaurateur: COVID restrictions, inauguration security has my business ‘hanging on by a thread’

The unprecedented security restrictions in place for this week’s inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden coupled with the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic have left at least one Washington restaurant “hanging on by a thread.” Bob Materazzi, the owner of Shelly’s Back Room near the White House, told “Your World” host Neil Cavuto that “the […]

Gordon Chang: China ‘might still have leverage’ over Rep. Swalwell amid spy scandal

A new Fox Nation special that focuses on the growing threat of Chinese espionage in the United States raises fresh questions about Rep. Eric Swalwell‘s entanglement with a suspected Chinese spy. “The China Showdown” places renewed scrutiny on Swalwell’s, D-Calif., connection to the Chinese Communist Party, spotlighting the mounting unanswered questions as the House Intelligence Committee member maintains access to […]