MSNBC guest suggests Ma’Khia Bryant was shot for ‘not being perfect,’ having a ‘bad day’

MSNBC host Joy Reid led a panel discussion Thursday during which one guest argued that the imperfections of Ma’Khia Bryant did not justify her fatal shooting by a Columbus, Ohio police officer, despite the fact that the 16-year-old was attacking another Black teen.  “People are already flipping from ‘I have compassion for George Floyd’s family’ to ‘That […]

‘The View’ pushes back against CNN’s Don Lemon over Ma’Khia Bryant shooting: He’s ‘wrong about this’

The ladies of “The View” pushed back Thursday against remarks made by CNN anchor Don Lemon the previous night regarding the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting.  The “CNN Tonight” host urged viewers to not “abandon the responsibility to be fair” and emphasized that the appropriateness of Tuesday’s police-involved shooting in Columbus, Ohio should be determined by the facts and the bodycam […]

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman suggests ‘rampaging mobs’ that looted cities were GOP make-believe

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman suggested on Thursday that the violence that has plagued cities over the past year was a figment of Republicans’ imagination.  Krugman knocked Republicans on Twitter for “only” being concerned about illegal immigration and the deficit in comparison to Democrats, who according to a Pew study are overwhelmingly concerned about gun […]