Sean Hannity: Biden was ‘flustered,’ ‘irritated’ and ‘cranky’ during first presidential debate

President Trump “steamrolled” Joe Biden during the first presidential debate on Tuesday night, Fox News host Sean Hannity said during live coverage from Cleveland. “The extremely weak, the frail, the confused, kind of angry Joe Biden just got steamrolled by President Trump,” said the “Hannity” host. “Joe flat-out refused to answer simple, basic, fundamental questions, […]

Rep. Jordan claims Trump ‘paid what he owed’ in response to NY Times tax report

President Trump “paid what he owed” in taxes, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio told Fox News Tuesday, dismissing a New York Times report that the president paid no income tax in 10 of the past 15 years. “He paid what he owed, he gives back his salary, he’s done it every single year, and he cut taxes for the American people, for every family in […]

Byron York claims Democrats making ‘structural’ effort to remove Trump from office

Democrats in Congress have relentlessly sought to remove President Trump from office almost from the day he was inaugurated, Washington Examiner chief political correspondent Byron York told “Your World” Tuesday. “This has been going on [for] two-and-a-half years since [Robert] Mueller[‘s investigation], and a lot of Republicans really took note of that,” York, a Fox News contributor and author […]