Andrew McCarthy: Impeachment politics – here’s why censure of Trump is the best option

So what would I do if I had to vote on impeachment in the Senate? From the first, I’ve described President Trump’s behavior on Jan. 6 as impeachable – particularly in the context of what went on in the weeks since the election, but even without that. I was not trying to be cute. ANDREW McCARTHY: WHY DEMOCRATS NEED […]

Dr. Marc Siegel: COVID and Biden – top 7 things new president and his team must do

As Joe Biden becomes president this week Americans everywhere are frightened by the growing numbers of coronavirus infections and death. They are looking for direction from the new president and his team. With a new year just beginning it’s important to remember what I wrote in my latest book “COVID: the Politics of Fear and […]

Tim Graham: With Biden as president these 5 trends will vanish from the liberal media

Any predictions about how the establishment media will go soft now that the Democrats are back in the White House might sound like an advertisement featuring the character Captain Obvious. Anyone who remembers the Obama years and the Clinton years can guess the changes in the media that are coming.  Let’s make a list:  1. […]