Hannity: ‘Vile’ Joe Biden is proving ‘morally bankrupt’

In his “Opening Monologue” on Friday, Sean Hannity called out President Joe Biden as “morally bankrupt” after photos obtained by a congressman purport to show female Afghan soldiers being bloodied by the Taliban whom the administration dubbed “businesslike” in their withdrawal negotiations, coupled with continued spiking inflation that the administration’s top aide dismissed as a […]

‘Reminiscent of Jan. 6’: Violent protesters arrested after storming Interior Department, injuring officers

Dozens of activists protesting fossil fuel projects were arrested Thursday after they staged a sit-in at the Interior Department, a move which led to “multiple injuries” and one officer being transported to a hospital. Demanding that President Biden declare climate change an emergency, People vs. Fossil Fuels, the group responsible for the protest, organized a […]

The late show, with Joe Biden: The president on average is more than 20 minutes tardy for his events

Wednesday at 2:58 pm, President Biden took to the podium in the East Room and began remarks on supply chain bottlenecks that are causing shortages of consumer goods and threatening to make Christmas gifts late. What Biden did not address is whatever bottleneck it was that caused him to be 38 minutes late for his […]