Deroy Murdock: Trump’s 4 Nobel Peace Prize nominations show he’s a peacemaker — not warmonger as critics claim

I am sick of winning peace deals! All kidding aside, Friday’s news that Israel and Sudan will establish diplomatic relations is just the latest international breakthrough arranged by President Trump. The third such peace pact between the Jewish state and its Muslim neighbors since Aug. 13 mocks the chilling forecasts that Trump’s election would trigger […]

Newt Gingrich: Trump should emphasize three things in closing days of campaign

President Trump had a great closing debate Thursday night. His tone was presidential. His discipline made the debate feel far more substantive and appropriate than his first debate with former Vice President Joe Biden.   By contrast, four days of hiding in the basement seemed to drain Biden of some of his energy. Late in […]

RNC Chair McDaniel: Trump’s record of accomplishments shows he deserves reelection

With tens of millions of Americans watching, President Trump delivered a dominating debate performance Thursday night and reminded us that he has done more for our country in the last 47 months than former Vice President Joe Biden did in 47 years as a failed and corrupt career politician. And with nowhere for Biden to […]