Dr. Marc Siegel: COVID and Biden – top 7 things new president and his team must do

As Joe Biden becomes president this week Americans everywhere are frightened by the growing numbers of coronavirus infections and death. They are looking for direction from the new president and his team. With a new year just beginning it’s important to remember what I wrote in my latest book “COVID: the Politics of Fear and […]

Manchin says 14th Amendment ouster should be ‘consideration’ for Sens. Hawley, Cruz

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin says removing Sens. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., and Ted Cruz, R-Texas, over their objections to the 2020 presidential election results should be “a consideration.”  In an interview Friday on PBS’s “Firing Line,” Manchin said the senators‘ insistence on objecting to Pennsylvania’s Electoral College votes even after supporters of President Trump stormed […]

Kimberley Strassel: Corporations new political role carries serious political and legal consequences

Corporate America took a big step this week, moving from captives of wokeness to active accomplices. The legal and political consequences may prove profound. Big Business over the past four years has increasingly signed up for leftist politics. Some of this was “wokewashing,” peddling causes or figures for brand benefit—think Nike’s Colin Kaepernick commercial or Lacoste’s replacement […]