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Donald Trump Calls Jussie Smollett ‘Total Lie’ a ‘Disgrace’ to America

President Donald Trump labeled the alleged Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax a “disgrace” to the United States during a Wisconsin rally Saturday. “It’s called MAGA country. You know, I didn’t hear that term until that third-rate actor in Chicago went out and he said, ‘I was beaten up by MAGA country,’” Trump said as he touted his Make America Great Again slogan.  “Now that’s a hate crime, right? He said he was beaten up by ‘MAGA country,’” the president went on. “Turned out to be a total lie.” “That case…

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Pennsylvania Church Burns for the Second Time in One Week

The Iglesia Pentecostal Church de Bethlehem in Pennsylvania burned for the second time on Thursday — after the first was determined arson. Another “heartbreaking” blaze consumed the church roof in the wee hours of Thursday morning. “They already burned what we love so much, the inside, you know so what else I guess until they see it to the ground. I guess they won’t let it go,” church leader and pastor’s daughter Nitza Colon told CNN affiliate WFMZ. “I said ‘who would do such a thing, I mean what else…

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Black Immigrant Wearing MAGA Hat Beaten in Maryland

A black immigrant from West Africa was beaten up Saturday by two black men in Germantown, Maryland, because the victim was wearing a red Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” hat, police say. The victim, Atsu Nable, is a legal immigrant from Togo and he supports President Donald Trump. But the two alleged attackers were apparently incensed by the victim’s Trump hat. According to ABC 7, the man was punched in the head and upper body and his hat taken away from him. NEW: This Germantown, Md. man tells @ABC7News…

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