*Wisconsin authorities believe missing 3-year-old Elijah Vue abducted from home*Games of Thrones star Emilia Clarke is joined by her mother as she’s given gong by Prince William at Windsor Castle for setting up brain injury charity – as Spoons boss Tim Martin and Sajid Javid are knighted*Trump reveals VP shortlist includes DeSantis, Scott, Ramaswamy, Noem, Donalds, Gabbard*‘The Office’ actor Ewen MacIntosh, who played ‘Big Keith,’ dead at 50*Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes had sights set on history immediately after winning Super Bowl*College Football Playoff approves expanded format starting in 2024 season*Letitia James Says She’ll Seize Trump’s Assets If He Can’t Pay $354M Fine*Raiders’ Antonio Pierce explains ‘Jordan Rules’ he’ll use against Patrick Mahomes next season*Jewish TikTok star says social media has made antisemitism ‘socially acceptable’*Shannon Sharpe wonders if relationship status should be requirement to be face of NBA*Prince Harry’s royal return unlikely as Prince William simmers ‘with rage’: expert*What’s REALLY in your tap water? With millions more Britons about to get fluoride funnelled into their drinking supplies, the ultimate interactive guide on the bugs, chemicals and plastics lurking within your glass…*Liberal pundits, urging Biden to withdraw, pushing convention scenario*Lamb rescued by observant highway workers after being stranded on busy highway for two days*GREG GUTFELD: Our health is now the next target for identity based ideology*‘Inclusive’ Taliban: Journalists Taking Pictures ‘a Major Sin’*SEAN HANNITY: Biden’s failures and free-falling poll numbers cannot be hidden*Greek-flagged M/V Sea Champion sustains minor damage in Houthi missile attack*U.S. Sports Betting Pulled $10.9 Billion in Revenue Last Year*Remington CEO Cites ‘Legislative Environment’ in New York as Company Moves to Georgia

Watch: 81-Year-Old Biden Nearly Trips Twice on Stairs to Air Force One

President Joe Biden, age 81, nearly tripped twice when ascending the stairs to Air Force One recently, potentially putting himself at risk for injury and hospitalization. The president was seen ascending slightly shorter stairs than usual when he nearly tripped twice, with no Secret Service agent accompanying him, though agents have recently been seen watching […]

Alabama Supreme Court: Frozen Embryos Are Unborn Children Under State Law

The Alabama Supreme Court ruled on Friday that frozen embryos are considered unborn children under state law, and that anyone who destroys them may be held liable. The case is centered on whether the Center for Reproductive Medicine can be held liable under the Wrongful Death of a Minor Act after a patient accessed, dropped, and […]

Drug-Induced Transgender ‘Chestfeeding’ as Safe as Milk From Mothers, Claims NHS Trust

A local trust of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) has proclaimed that pharmaceutically induced lactation in biological males is just as healthy for babies as milk produced by mothers. The University of Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust (USHT), which runs the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, Royal Sussex County Hospital, and the Worthing Hospital told campaigners that […]

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