Franklin Graham: Christianity Today ‘in Step’ with Pelosi, Leftist Agenda — Editorial Used to ‘Divide’ Evangelicals

Tuesday, during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends First,” Samaritan’s Purse President Rev. Franklin Graham offered his view on Christianity Today’s editorial supporting impeachment and proclaiming President Donald Trump unfit for the presidency. Graham, whose father Billy Graham founded the magazine 60 years ago, dismissed the editorial as one from a left-leaning […]

Rabbi Spero: Stephen Miller Unjustly Maligned by Political Left

Stephen Miller, a senior advisor to President Donald Trump, has been maligned once again by those opposed to “America First” policies and those wishing to destroy the Trump presidency. Democrats, including left-wing Jewish members of Congress, are maliciously labeling him a white supremacist.  They are wrong to do so. It is the furthest thing from […]

Paper: Christmas Reindeer Are Starving to Death Because of Climate Change

As Santa Claus loads his sleigh led by flying reindeer, climate change proponents are spreading the story of the animals’ plight because of global warming. The Guardian’s Weatherwatch feature reports that reindeer, or Caribou as they are known in many locales, are adaptable to extremely cold weather. And while they can’t fly, their biological design […]