Taliban Announces It Will Not Cooperate with U.S. to Stifle Islamic State Ahead of Meetings Between Officials

A Taliban spokesman announced on October 9 that the Taliban would not work with the United States to stave off the extremist Islamic State in Afghanistan. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen informed the Associated Press that the Taliban would be autonomous when combatting the Islamic State in Afghanistan. “We are able to tackle Daesh independently,” Shaheen […]

Microsoft: 58% of Cyberattacks in Past Year Came from Russia

More than half of all cyberattacks observed by Microsoft over the past year originated in Russia, the U.S.-based multinational tech corporation said on Thursday in its latest Digital Defense Report. According to the annual study, which covered July 2020 to June 2021, “58 percent of all cyberattacks observed by Microsoft from nation-states have come from […]

U.S. Nuclear Submarine Strikes Unidentified Object in South China Sea, Sailors Injured

The USS Connecticut, a Seawolf-class fast attack submarine, struck an unidentified underwater object in the South China Sea on Saturday. The U.S. Navy confirmed the incident on Thursday and said there were several injuries, none of them life-threatening. “The submarine remains in a safe and stable condition. USS Connecticut’s nuclear propulsion plant and spaces were […]