Ukraine’s Zelensky: ‘There Are No Minor Incursions’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday rejected comments made the day before by President Joe Biden that appeared dismissive of a potential Russian invasion of his country, affirming in a statement to social media, “There are no minor incursions.” Biden told reporters on Wednesday the United States may not aid Ukraine, a longtime ally, in […]

Pinkerton: If Loose Lips Sink Ships, Biden’s Loose Tongue Could Get Us into a War

The situation along the Ukraine-Russia border is so serious that one hesitates to make a quip, but here goes: If you ever get a chance to play poker with Joe Biden, take it. As you’re playing, Biden will talk a lot and maybe reveal his cards. And yet whether he’s revealing the truth about his intentions or […]

Cleanup: Jen Psaki Tries to Walk Back Biden’s Weak Statement on Ukraine

White House press secretary Jen Psaki issued a statement Wednesday evening in an attempt to undo the damage caused by President Joe Biden’s weak statements on Ukraine and Russia at a press conference just moments before in the White House. As Breitbart News reported, Biden revealed that he expected Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade […]