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Jewish Gun Advocate: ‘Learn to Shoot or Get Out of the Way of Those Who Do’

Doris Wise, the founder of “Jews Can Shoot,” an offshoot of the former Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors organization, told Breitbart News on Monday that the best response to Saturday’s synagogue shooting is for Jews to arm themselves. “My reaction was horror and sadness — horror was the first thing … I don’t think this is going to pass that quickly,’ she said, speaking from her home in Arizona. “I got very angry when I saw the candlelight and the vigils and all of that — I mean, it’s good, and…

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Pollak: We Jews Have the Second Amendment; We Should Use It

There are two facts about antisemitism in America. One is that the United States is the least antisemitic country in the history of civilization, aside from Israel itself. The other is that antisemitism persists, nevertheless, and can be extremely violent. It has deep roots and remains, for a few of society’s losers, a tempting explanation for the shape of the cruel world as they mis-perceive it. We will never be completely rid of it, and so we have to prepare for it. This has not changed since I was a…

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